Macrolane Historical Overview And Critics Details

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macrolane historical overview and critics details

Macrolane is a dermal filler which is intended to do body contouring and is marketed by a UK based company, Q-Med since 2008. The company claims that Macrolane is a much more lesser invasive alternative to surgical treatments for breast enlargemen – offers a meaningful increase of one cup size through an injection of a gel that can take up to 30 to 90 minutes per area treatment. That is why it is also known as Macrolane 30-minute boob job.

Q-Med have not stopped promoting Macrolane as a breast enhancer since the lack of consensus has emerged between radiologists and dermatologists regarding examining breast enlargement that have been treated by the filler. There are numerous illegal retailers in the market who sell Macrolane without legal permission, we encourage to only buy Macrolane from certified distributors.


The procedure of Macrolane consists of injecting the stabilized hyaluronic acid into the buttocks, breast or any other area from a point and then the practitioner can mould the desired shape. During the procedure a local anesthetic is required to lower the pain that can cause minimum bruising, swelling and few other discomfort and problems for next few days. According to patients experience, the results can last for 12 months maximum after which the patients needs to be treated again.

Macrolane’s Side effects and Criticism

The procedure has many critics and has survived many objections. One of the major objections are that Macrolane’s long-term effects are still unknown and no great trial has been done to know that. Alice Hart-Davis who is a journalist described her problems that she faced after the treatment. There has been only one medical trial by the manufacturer that was held in Japan in which 1000 patients participated and then the product was distributed in European markets.

In the very early days, the cost of treatment was about £3000 in UK for first initial injections and £1400 for repeat injections for next upcoming years to maintain the effect. Now the cost has declined to £2000 in UK for initial treatment.

Recently a research showed that Macrolane’s complication can appear after months of year after the treatment such as infection, breast lump, product dislocation etc. With the use of high frequency ultra sound, magnetic imaging resonance we can diagnose the nature of complications easily. A doctor is required to inform the patient that it can be impossible to totally remove Macrolane from the body once injected.

We have already seen a number of cases in Sweden where the patients had erection problems and pain associated with erection when the treatment was done with Macrolane for increase in penile size which caused a start of investigation from the authorities to check the safety of the product. Kim Kardashian was criticized in the aesthetic world for using the gel to controversially increase her buttocks size.

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