How did the demand of Restylane Vital increased?

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With the improving and growing age we are moving towards more advanced and reliable technology in all the fields. There are also numerous advanced techniques for connecting tissues with fibers and to repair them, there are also numerous new techniques for hydrating skin. The modern science has developed Hyaluronic acid that serves as a biological agent to create volume and lubricate the intracellular structure of the skin, for this purpose many dermal fillers like Restylane Vital Light Injector have been developed by the scientists. It is also used for concentration of HA in the skin to decrease aging signs.

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Hyaluronic acid also helps to increase the elasticity and the ability of the skin to hold water resulting in increment of the volume of dermis and also decrease wrinkles and skin laxity on specific facial areas. Due to these impressive results patients have rapidly start moving towards non surgical and non invasive procedures that decreases the risk and gives more pleasing results.

Due to the increase in the demand of HA fillers, many companies have start manufacturing these products that contain HA in them. Such fillers are injected through a cannula or needle to rejuvenate skin and hydrate skin level. Such fillers also increase the texture and improve elasticity. Until now only few studies have been made to report and record the facial rejuvenating effects of HA fillers. In a recent study an expert used hydrofilling of Restylane Vital.

The study was a single center and prospective study in which a total of 30 female patients were invited that have dry and tired skin on facial areas. The patients’ age was from 27 to 60 years. All patients were asked to provide written and informed consent. Pregnant and breast feeding patients were excluded from the list or if they had any skin disease or any history of allergenic problems including eczema, infection or any other dermatitis.

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Patients that had any ongoing surgeries or treatments like botulinum toxin, peeling or other facial fillers were also excluded. Nearly about 5% lidocaine ointment was used over the entire facial area about at least 30 minutes before doing the treatment. Later lidocaine was wiped off with gauze acetone was also used to completely clean lidocaine. They used intradermal injector of 2ml of Restylane Vital built by Q-Med, Sweden and Uppsala mixed with about 3 ml of normal saline and about 1 ml of 2% lidocaine was also injected to the whole face in each treatment session.

Approximately 100 pointx0.02 ml injection of Restylane Vital was used for the treatment. No other treatment was done. Multiple injection were administrated during the intradermal layer by using Aquagent manufactured by M’Cure Wonju Korea. The results were over whelming and patients saw great improvement and said that they would love to use Restylane Vital as a dermal filler again to rejuvenate skin.

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