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Many children will wake up on this Christmas to just find an Android phone or tablet under the gift tree. You just name it, Google’s Nexus, Amazon’s Kindle, Tesco’s Hudl or any other famous Android phone manufacturing company. They just want an Android phone, but what makes Android to much popular in kids? Even in youngsters and mature people too?

Of-course, the apps. Everyone loves Android apps, there are tons of free games of different sort that kids love. But Android is not just about gaming, it also has many other great features and purposes, especially for kids that we will discuss in this article.

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is great app for your kids to stay in touch with your kids, just help them to learn using this app and I am sure they will easily learn it because the new generation is very smart and they will hopefully learn it shortly. It is ideal app for your kids, since It is very easy to use.

Medieval Math Battle Pro (£1.82)

Medieval Math Battle Pro is a quirky mathematics app that combines sums with a monster-battling. It is designed to be an epic battle for 15 minutes or sometimes more to solve mathematics puzzles, the things get harder and harder as your child starts moving onto new levels of the game. Finally he meet the last challenge to win the game.

Moose Math (£1.24)

Duck Duck Moose has came up with another fantastic game for kids. The game is based and focused on the key math skills: addition and subtraction. Player can also sort and count numbers. Player is required to rescue pets around the sums and they can also build their own virtual city to make the game more interesting.

Slice Fractions (£1.99)

Slice Frations was released in 2014, this is a very inventive game and involves slicing though the ice and lava on the behalf of a little and cute mammoth character who helps to learn fractions all the way. The player needs to solve 60 puzzles to win the game along with game geared towards entertainment and education at a single time.

Squeebles Times Tables 2 (£1.99)

The famous game developed KeyStageFun has released another succession of the fun mathematics. It is a standalone game after multiplication app that matches the rest with its mixture with time table exercise of 1 to 15. Overall, it is a very good game for your kids.

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